5 Crm Systems For Your Business


CRM system is an excellent solution for organization of information and tracking sales. With the help of it the company can provide such solutions:

  • focus on the client;
  • full understanding of the whole “life cycle” of relations with the client, which makes it possible to better understand his needs and focus on the customer retention;
  • segmentation of the client base;
  • coordinated interaction of all units;
  • a single database of interactions with the client;
  • access to information at all levels (management / sales / marketing);
  • time management.

Automation of workflow for working with clients allows focusing on the relationship with customers, rather than on paper work. Here is the list of the most popular CRM solutions for your business.

Bpm’online CRM System

Bpm’online is a CRM system that covers the main areas of customer relationship management and organization of processes within the company. Bpm’online helps to manage the sales cycle: from attracting a client until thesigning of the contract and further sales. A simple and modern interface makes the work of the system intuitive and convenient. It is equally comfortable to work with the application both on the computer and on mobile devices. To get acquainted with the product, there is a free demo-version for 30 days at https://www.bpmonline.com/.

Fresh Office CRM Software

Fresh Office is a smart and powerful CRM that earn clients’ loyalty and build meaningful, profitable relationships. Fresh Office is a platform that combines the set of applications required for a full cycle of abusiness:

  • CRM software,
  • project management,
  • document management,
  • finance,
  • analytics,
  • IP telephony,
  • KPI(Key Performance Indicators) for employees,
  • cloud storage, messenger etc.

This CRMsystem allows a user to manage the sales cycle: from receiving a lead on the site until paying for the order. FreshOfficeprovides a possibility to build a full-fledged strategy for working with potential customers, increasing the loyalty of existing customers and reducing costs. The program offers two options at once – installation of desktop applications and a cloud solution. The developers provide a free demo-version for 15 days.

GetBase CRM Solution

GetBase is a software manufacturer from California that offers one of the most popular CRM solutions –BaseCRM.It  is one of the simplest CRM systems featuring many functions such as:

  • IP telephony,
  • lead management,
  • marketing tools,

Business owners often note the convenience of the CRM system due to the mobile application, which can be confidently considered one of the best among all CRM tools. Another major advantage of the system is the flexible ability to integrate with applications. To get acquainted with the product, you can use the demo version for 14 days.

Salesforce CRM tool

Salesforce is a CRM applicationof a very famous American company. For several years now, software is rightfully one of the best CRM systems in the world. Salesforce includes all the necessary functions for effective business management:

  • CRM system,
  • analytics,
  • sales,
  • marketing, etc.

The implementation of Salesforce enables the entrepreneur to manage the full sales cycle. Salesforce has developed specialized solutions that take into account the specificity of the industry: from retail to media.The company offers to try it free of charge within 30 days.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a software that helps a business owner to manage the daily operations of a company and increase its productivity. The built-in CRMmodule offers many tools for sales, marketing, mail and collaboration with applications, business processes, finance, help desk and many other resources. Zoho stands out among other CRM tools with its focus on product development in the context of enterprise management, rather than sales and marketing. The company offers to try the application for free for 15 days to make sure of its capabilities.

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