5 Healthcare Website Mistakes You Need To Avoid


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Your website can either make or break your company’s aim to become successful in gaining clients online. It takes a lot of factors combines for your website to thrive. These factors include the contents, layout, navigation process and design. If you are not sure how you will start your design, you can alwayshave an expert web design for doctors by Online Marketing for Doctors to help your healthcare business.

When it comes to websites, you only have a few seconds to entice your visitors and leave an impression. With hundreds and thousands of competition, how do you stand out from the rest? Most of your competitions often commit mistakes in their websites,and that is one way of getting above most. Below are some of the things you need to avoid when designing a website.

  • The Purpose Of The Website Is Not Clear

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit is not showing what yourhealthcare website’s purpose is and why the consumers should choose you. The users will probably only spend a few seconds to skim through your site,and if they don’t see what they need, or is finding it uninteresting, then they will most likely leave immediately. Don’t beat around the bush. Your website should capture the interest of your customer in the first few seconds that they visited your page. According to some research, around 46 percent of clients will leave immediately if the website does not have a clear background of what a business does. Your services or products should be highlighted and in clear view. Also, place elements that will uphold the confidence of your healthcare company and make your consumers feel like they can trust you by adding testimonials from former patientsreceived awards and industry affiliates in your site.

  • Loading Time Takes Too Long

When your websites take more than three seconds to load, you are also losing some of your clients. Most people who already impatient in real life are more so when it comes to the online world. If they don’t like waiting, they will probably press the back button and look for another healthcare provider. Hiring a professional to do your healthcare website or provide services such as medical marketing podcast from Online Marketing for Doctors is one way to fix this dilemma efficiently and effectively.

  • Font Sizes Are Too Small Or Not Reader-Friendly

Majority of internet users will leave a site if they can’t even read the contents. Not only is this a major headache for your brain, but it will also waste their time trying to read the small letters. Your body text should be above 14px,and the font should be San Serif.

  • Contains Many Links That Open New Browser Windows

One of the most talked about bad user experience is welcoming possible clients to your site without a back button to return to or opening multiple browser windows at a time. It can also eat their bandwidth and slow down a person’s mobile device and ruin their online experience with you. You will not only lose your clients; you might also get complaints from them.

  • Your Website Is Not Responsive To Mobile Phones

In the modern world, everyone carries a handy mobile phone with them which they use to call their loved ones, connect to social media, watch videos and even browse the internet. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose more than half of your possible clients. When people don’t like what they find in a site, they will go back and site for another one. Also, a bad mobile experience can make them less likely to engage with your healthcare company.

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Final Word

Make your website more user-friendly by avoiding these mistakes. Don’t make your possible clients run before they can even understand the true purpose of your website. Grab their attention and make their stay worthwhile.

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