Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Choosing Cloud Crm Software


In terms of Customer Relationship Management tools, the market is full of alternatives. But with an increased number of alternatives, there comes the disadvantage of not being able to discern between products and their features, thus, choosing an inappropriate tool for a particular enterprise. As a result, there appears a series a common mistakes business owners make in the process of selecting a product like this. Cloud CRM software products seem to work wonders for all enterprises, andbpm’onlineis one of the notorious developers in the industry. However, below is a list of some of the most common mistakes business owners make in the process of selecting a CRM cloud solution.

  1. Neglecting to assess the issues inside an organization that lead to the need of a CRM tool

Not all business owners like to admit that the processes inside their organization might be notfunctional. Especially if the owner’s position is overlapping with the management position, which is quite common in the case of a small or medium enterprise, acknowledging the issues may be a difficult step. Thus, sitting down and evaluating all the processes that take place inside a company, will enable you to pick the right product for your case. For instance, you can start to evaluate in what measure internal processes are automated, how the relationship with the customers is evolving, analyze the lead-to-customer rates and so on. Depending on your assessment, you will then be able to decide for a product that has accentuated features and opportunities in those specific areas in which your company shows deficiencies.

  1. Choosing an easy solution instead of an appropriate solution

Simply because a cloud CRM tool is having a user-friendly interface, this does not mean that it will benefit you or the company. In fact, many companies require for complex products, able to manage and prove themselves efficient in rather complex processes. Instead of a simplistic product, choose one that is able to address your needs. Many reputable cloud CRM tools offer solutions for:

  • Marketing automation, such as: marketing campaign automation, marketing database segmentation, lead generation, lead distribution, knowledge management, email marketing campaigns etc.
  • Salesautomation: customer database management, sales force automation tools, opportunity management, lead management, document management, sales forecasting tools etc.
  • Online customer service in cloud CRM: 360º view on the customer, multi-channel communication tools, service catalog management, service level management and so on.

Nevertheless, these reputable CRM cloud based solutions are easy to use, while they offer comprehensive solutions for each business establishment. Besides the developer mentioned in the beginning, there are several other strong players in the industry: Deltek Vision and Agile CRM.

  1. Not defining your CRM goals before implementing the system

Yet another frequent mistake made by business owners and manager all over the world in the process is not defining the company’s goals before implementation. While it is necessary and important to redefine some of your goals when implementing CRM software, managers generally neglect to articulate the two in a functional manner. This prevents them from profiting to the maximum of the new acquisition.

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