Essential Apps for a Great Website Experience

Turn your website from average to extraordinary. If you choose the right DIY website builder, you can build an awesome website that impresses clients, customers and supporters. Look for a website building service that offers easy-to-install apps on the platform dashboard. Today’s leading apps can give your site more functionality, keeping visitors more engaged on your site. Consider these apps for your website.

Google Analytics 

Discover how well your site is performing with this powerful analytics tool. You can track how many visitors your site receives, where people are clicking and how long they view a page. If you’re running an ecommerce site, you can analyze sales and conversions, too. With this information, you can make knowledgeable improvements to your site to boost performance.


Set up an online store for customers to browse your product selection and complete purchases. This ecommerce solution offers tools for marketing, payment processing and shipping.


Accept online payments directly from your website. Transactions are easy, safe and secure for both you and your customers.


Promote events with an app that does everything related to hosting successful events, including marketing, ticket sales and payment processing. You can use this tool for both free and ticketed events with an admission charge.

Social Media

When looking for the best DIY website builder, you should make sure it offers apps for social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Staying active on social media is essential in today’s online world.


Keep customers and supporters engaged with your website by sending out an email newsletter. There is a lot of competition for people’s attention nowadays. An e-newsletter is perfect for reminding people of your business and driving them back to your website.


Allow clients to schedule appointments and meetings directly on your site. Visitors can see available time slots and choose the one they prefer. This app saves the hassle of taking phone calls or sending emails for scheduling appointments.


Create easy-to-use forms and surveys that visitors can complete online. The forms are clean, user-friendly and engaging, which helps boost responsiveness from site visitors.

Communications Apps

Stay in touch with your visitors by giving them easy ways to communicate with you. Apps such as Zendesk Chat, Intercom and Discus offer creative communications tools.

Apps for the Modern Website

Look for a DIY website builder that can offer you these apps and more on a dashboard. As you build your site, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having them readily available. 

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