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The Samsung Galaxy S7 promises to be one of the best-looking phones in the market which will make you fall in love with the phone the minute you pick it up in your hands. Samsung retaining some of its best features from Galaxy S6, it has also added some decent and improvised changes with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge update.

The New Features

The curved back feature of Samsung S series has been improvised on Galaxy S7 Edge.This makes it a very sleek, smart and spectacular phone which fits in the hand like a polished pebble comfortably. The Quad core Super AMOLED screen is featured again which promises sharpness in rendering the content or icons. Even though the screen size has been increased from 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches, you won’t feel that the phone is larger in your hands. Thanks to the curved edges. The edge display has been upgraded offering more features and interfaces to make it more user friendly.

Another big feature incorporated in S7 Edge is the ‘Always-on-display’ feature. It shows the time, calendar, missed calls and few other details on screen permanently even when the phone is kept idle. The battery has been definitely improved with the new 3600mAh batteries. Along with the latest Android Marshmallow operating system, it seems promising.

Good news is that the microSD slot is back with a capacity to support external memory up to 20 GB. The camera features have been improved which gives clear and crisp images both in low light and well-lit areas. Another exciting feature is the Game Launcher which is a separate location to store all your games on your S7. This s complete gaming suite to improve your gaming experience on your smartphone which even allows you to decrease or increase the resolution for better battery performance and improve the battery consumption.

Summarizing up the Review

Users who are looking for latest and smartest smartphones who expect new look of handset along with promising new features, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge would be a real value for money.

Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger, comfortable in the hands which promises an improvised camera, extended battery life, super-fast charging and extendable external storage with the micro SD card slot.

Retaining the good ones from Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has refined itself as a more sophisticated and attractive smartphone.

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