Four key features that excite gamers in Anno 1800


Ubisoft Blue Byte treats Real Time Strategy (RTS) fanatics out there with an ultimate throwback by launching Anno 1800, the latest in its RTS strategy city-building series which promises to incorporate some of its beloved features that were not present during its previous titles while Anno 1800 also introduces a heap of new options that will turn your empire-building a lot more interesting so to make a fitting welcome to this brand-new RTS game, let us take a look at some of the important things that you can find out this here before you play Anno 1800 which is already released for PC.

  1. The Industrial revolution- After the Anno 2205 which focuses on the futuristic settings, the Anno 1800 takes you back at an older setting wherein you take place in the 19th century during the Industrial revolution takes it to shape in its early years. The players can start with brand-new gameplay which introduces them with a wide array of new amenities for their citizens as well as managing aspects such as tourism and expedition to new undiscovered lands in the world map which totally depends on their outlook where you can work towards industrializing your city endlessly to becoming a hero for your people.
  2. Three different gaming modes- In Anno 1800, you will get to choose into three modes, the campaign, the sandbox, and the multiplayer options. The campaign is the one that is surely going to satisfy you most because of the expansion and conquering as you can also explore more of the Industrial Revolution’s different historical events while the Sandbox mode lets you play a custom game with different parameters for your resource costs, and for your opponent as well.
  3. Custom and quick matches- You can play up to four players in the multiplayer in the custom match mode. You can either forge an alliance to prosper or build an empire to defeat your enemies to expand it on their territories. If there are not enough human players, then you can always rely on AI opponents that can fill in the empty slots and start the game and what makes it more exciting is that all of the game’s features are supported also for multiplayer which includes your expedition to the New World as well as other custom game creations which comes with a wide range of settings before you can invite your friends to play.
  4. Multisession gameplay- This feature was first used in the Anno 2205 where it offers the ability to connect with different worlds or sessions at once which allows for many benefits like trading goods in between sessions because the Anno 1800 can see the return of the multisession gameplay which allows you some various changes that are very positive to the game’s total output. You are not required to settle in other sessions in order for you to advance further into the game as players can still have the freedom to explore new sessions early on, however, if you want to spend more time building your empire and settle somewhere else in the later parts of the game it is still possible. For anno 1800 free download click on the linked word.

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